Play Radikal Soft Tip Darts At Spectators Now!

Spectators Sports Bar and Grill has 2 Radikal Soft Tip Dart Stations.

We now have the Radikal Soft Tip dart boards for you entertainment. Come in to play for fun or join our Dart League.

Call Ben Smith, Black Dog Darts, about our League Nights starting in September. (505) 971-5279.

View some of the games offered on the Dart System Console.



The aim of the game is to close all numbers with as many or more points than the opposition. If someone closes all their targets first, but has less points, he/she will have to catch up in points. The game will be won once the opponent’s points have been equaled or surpassed.

The targets on the dartboard are from 15 to 20 and the Bull. In order to close them, the numbers have to be hit at least three times. A triple counts as three hits, a double counts as two and all other areas in that target are counted as one hit. The double Bull counts as two hits.

When a target is closed, the opponent can no longer score on it, but the person having targets closed can score on those open targets from the opponent.

Score difference 200: When this option is selected, the maximum score difference between players cannot be greater than 200 points.

Cricket Cutthroat

This game is a variation of the Cricket.

The aim of the game is to close all numbers with the least amount of points. When a player closes a target and begins scoring on it, points are being added to all opponents with the same target open.

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