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If you are interested in a Golden Tee Tournament for 8 or more participants please contact Spectators’ Managment (505) 275-1166.

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Spectators Sports Bar and Grill has 2 of the highest used Golden Tee consoles in New Mexico. We invite players at all levels to come join other Golden Tee enthusiasts to compete in a friendly competition of Golden Tee.

The tournaments are bracketed to the number of players who participate. We apply handicapped scoring to give all participants a fair opportunity to win.

The first round of games will be on a blind draw. The second round will be a shuffle from first round scores. Round three will eliminate half the players with the poorest scores from the combination of round one and round two. Round three is a semifinal round. Round four is the final round. First, Second and Third places will be determined from round four.

Sample 8 Player Bracket

8 player golden tee bracket

Sample 12 Player Bracket

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